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17 septembre 2005

moroccan cities

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  <font color="#990000" size="6" face="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica">Fez. City of the
  endless mosque</font></div>
<p><font size="2" face="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica"></p>
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    <img src="" alt="Fez, Morocco" border="0" width="300" height="260"><br />
<p>The capital of Morocco for all together more than 400 years, home of the
oldest university of the country and the leading cultural and religious centre.
Fez is also the home of the oldest an largest medieval city in the world, a city
that is almost unchanged through the modern ages and still most definately
alive.<br />
<img src="" align="left" border="0" height="1" width="25">Fez
was founded in 789 at a place between the mountains where the river was flushing
by. History has provided the city with long periods of hardship, but Fez has
never died. Today it has its own culture, pride, art and even cuisine.</p>

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moroccan music

Morocco Music

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daoudia Jadwane Stati
daoudi & daoudia Jadwane 2 Bourgone (Lassmar Ya Ezzine)
daoudi & daoudia senhaji Bhiri (Abou Eyoune)
Dikok Senhaji ben hass (anti sgria omzyana)
Dikok bourgone (zina khellini) ben hass
chodere (losti bellati) chodere (dkhal f souk rassik) lamhebila
Stati (asskne + alghaba) 5aled benany (daba-daba) Abid zaari
Stati (azzine aaziz) Stati (bkafia azzine) Achdak tamchi lazzine
Stati (dartni sakrane) Stati (yammi ghribe) ajwaa layali chaabi (zine ouslate ala annabi)
Stati (kante maahe) Majmouate assiada(bari nammare) ajwaa layali chaabia (zorbi hsale)
5aled benany (7alooma) Abdelhak (hafla rakissa) alabass
5aled benany (al-3elwa) Abdelhaq (azzouia) albarbouchi alache alalla
ahmed & birouche (machi aatek

artist - AHMED &BIROUCHE aatek aatek alhaj ).mp3

artist - NAJATE AATABOU (haram aalik a khalti ).mp3
ASAWAMETTE CHAABIA 2.mp3 Asri - moulate lakhlakhle.mp3 barbouchi - wahya lamra.mp3
Ben Hass - nass hasdouni fiha.mp3 Ben Hass - sedrek ala.mp3 Ben Hass - zine li ataq allah.mp3
bniech kaada3.mp3 Bouhali - lamméma safrate.mp3 Bourgouniate - Lahbiba ghdartini.mp3
Chems - sawlouha.mp3 Chodéré - D'khal souk rassek.mp3 Chodéré - Losti bellati.mp3
dade said-haouziat.mp3 Daoudi & Daoudia - Track 2.mp3 Daoudi & Daoudia - Track001.mp3
Daoudi & Daoudia - Track002.mp3 Daoudi - achyfoure.mp3 Daoudi - aita daoudia.MP3
Daoudi - ghrib.mp3 Daoudia - lhajer bladou.mp3 Dikok - alach a lala manebra.mp3
Dikok - rani herran.mp3 Noujoum abdelhak - ajoua chaabia.mp3 noujoum aine.mp3
Noujoum alaïne - bghia natjwaje.mp3 noujoum miami-hanta tsante ahah.mp3 ABDELHAK --- RJILAT EL HAMAMA.MP3
Orchestra Abdou Alfilali - poste téléphone.mp3 orchestre abdelhak - musque 55.mp3 Orchestre Jedwane - chkoune kane lina sbabe.mp3
Orchestre Jedwane - kassite laadabe.mp3 Orchestre Jedwane - khallitni nsayne.mp3 Orchestre Sanhaji.MP3
Orchestre Sanhaji2.MP3 samita!!s.mp3 SAWAMETTE CHAABIA 1.mp3
SAWAMETTE CHAABIA3.mp3 Senhaji - altim.mp3 Senhaji - mimti lahnina.mp3
Senhaji - wach bidi naamal.mp3 Senhaji - Zid Dardak.MP3 Smail o shabatou.mp3

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